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Fasting – the Fastest Way to Reduce Body Weight

FastingFasting can help you significantly in your weight loss endeavor and if done in the right manner, it can prove to be very healthy for your body as well.

Unfortunately, some types of fasting plans are extremely hard to follow because when fasting, we are essentially depriving our bodies of important nutrients like complex carbohydrates and proteins. When this occurs, our bodies naturally tend to go on strike and give us withdrawal symptoms such as acute pain.

As soon as our body get accustomed to fasting and realizes that it doesn’t require high food quantities to sustain itself, the pain automatically subsides and the focus shifts to revitalization by consuming fats (for energy needs), viruses, bacteria, toxins and repair work of anything that needs repairing.

Hence, fasting is the best way to reduce body weight because if done correctly, the human body gets down to the business of weight loss right from the word go. However, it is important that we follow the right type of fasting plan, else we can end up causing more damage than good.

It is important that we don’t starve ourselves as that can have long-term negative effects, but it is important to allow our bodies to use maximum amount of energy and resources for removing toxins and losing weight.

The best type of fasting plans are the ones which help the human body to use maximum energy without the need of starving. Such type of fasting plans are recommended as one still gets to eat whatever one likes, thereby providing the body with essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

  • Another excellent fast to practice is the yoghurt fast. Although it can be slightly intense in the beginning, it works wonders for weight loss. You can make yoghurt with water and put some hot spices to help the digestion process. Anything you eat after successfully completing this fast, will taste 10 times better.
  • One of the easier type of fasting plans is the fruit fasting as fruit consists of 20% matter and 80% water. Hence, their regular consumption makes the weight loss aspirant feel fuller during the fasting period, while allowing his/her body to use most of the energy for other important tasks apart from digestion.
  • Perhaps, you can try the melons fast in which you eat melons most of the time. It also incorporates consumption of honey water, lemon, papaya, watermelon and cantaloupe.
  • Grains fast is one more type of fast that most people follow wherein they completely stop consumption of grains for a certain time period, thereby allowing their bodies to digest whatever there is left in the body and clean it properly. Please note, grains are normally very difficult to digest.
  • You can even opt for juice fast which works wonder for weight loss and for revitalizing the body with important minerals and vitamins. A juice fast is very simple to follow as all one needs to do is drink vegetable and fruit juices during the fasting period.

In a nutshell, fasting is by far the best method of undergoing weight loss as the human body doesn’t have anything to do but to burn calories during the fasting period. Furthermore, as the process happens 100% naturally, there are no side effects and one can switch back to normal eating habits gradually with the passage of time.
Performing some simple exercises on a daily basis along with regular fasting can take you a long way in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping unnecessary weight gain at bay, at all times. Fast now!