3 Proven And 100% Natural Appetite Suppressants That Can Work For You

A diet is a tough act to follow. We all want to eat less. But we are powerless to always say ‘No’ and refuse that extra pudding or buy another milkshake. In our hearts, we want to really lose weight. But are bodies are downright stubborn and just would not cooperate. This is why appetite suppressants are an attractive prospect. Don’t you just want to pop a pill or drink some magical tea that will curb that craving for food? That might sound far-fetched. But it is possible to stop yourself from eating too much. Here are 3 proven and 100% natural appetite suppressants that can work for you.


The name might be a mouthful. But this extract from the konnyaku root, is related to the yam family and comes with a proven record. This supplement is particularly used in Japan and is popular among Japanese women as it helps them stay slim.
A particular study that had 20 overweight people who took this supplement before meals recorded an average loss of 5 1/2 pounds within an 8 week time-frame. Their cholesterol levels dropped drastically without them having to diet.
Studies show that Glucomannan harmlessly swells up in the stomach and helps to reduce fat content in the blood which assists constipation. However, Glucomannan has some shortcomings; it reduces the ability of the body to absorb nutrients, particularly Vitamin E. This is why taking multi-vitamins as a compulsory supplement is crucial if you choose to use this appetite suppressant.


This is an amino acid that helps the body feel restful or relaxed and uninterested when it comes to food. 5-HTP is naturally produced by the human body by a protein known as tryptophan which is commonly found in turkey.
Overweight people find it very hard to turn tryptophan into 5-HTP and that is why they usually have a fetish for carbohydrate foods and eating binges that gradually lead to depression. Studies show that a supplement of 5-HTP reduces carbohydrate intake by 50% simply by dropping the number of calories consumed.

However, there are limitations or concerns about 5-HTP. It has been known to cause damage to the heart muscle and aortic valve. If you have any cardiovascular problems or a history of heart diseases, you should let your doctor know before picking up this medication across the counter.

Green Tea


Green tea is easy to find and is 100 % safe for use. So if 5-HTP has made you a little bit concerned about its potentially dangerous side-effects, let green tea be your appetite suppressant. Green tea is considered a metabolic stimulant and is made from the same plant that black tea is derived.

The only difference is that the leaves are lightly processed thereby retaining chlorophyll which is the reason why leaves are green.

Green tea contains ingredients like polyphenols, which helps to burn fat. In addition, green tea contains caffeine which also in itself functions as an appetite suppressant. Do not drink green tea if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Furthermore, avoid this herbal tea if you have heart issues, a hyperactive thyroid or kidney complications. Lastly, try not to drink too much green tea. The more green tea you drink does not mean you would lose weight faster. Try to drink nothing more than 2 cups a day or you will have something to worry about besides trying to suppress your appetite.


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